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Cruise Ship Training

Cruise Ship Training / Safety on Board

Safety standards are extremely important to everyone, as a result there are often safety drills for those onboard to ensure everyone is up-to-date and trained in the skills required. A STCW certificate is necessary in order to work aboard cruise ships depends on the different cruise line as there is onboard training, Thus these drills are in line with previous qualification attained. Since safety is such a concern, the local coast guard carry out random testing of staff to ensure that crew have the necessary skill level


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Whats the STCW course all about?

Before being assigned to any shipboard duties, or seafarers that are engaged in any capacity on board, needs to complete the STCW 95 training which will teach them to stay alive during any type of emergency which may occur at sea


These STCW courses consist of the following

Elementary First Aid at Sea, Marine Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility with Personal Survival Techniques. This training is given in accordance with STCW 95, Tables A-VI/1-3, A-VI/1 and 4 of the code. (Three separate STCW certificates)

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